Crowd Bewitcher

By Ibrahim Abdullah


Hello dear reader, dearest friend whom I’ve never met in real life. The internet, wonderful place innit? You get to connect with a hundred thousand people every day, and yet, from the comfort of your own bed, chair, or office desk (except they’re not very comfy, are they, precious?) through your laptops, tablets, and phones.

I sit behind my desk– not an office desk, mind you– and write this post in the wee hours of night, while something wicked comes my way, while a veiled woman with crooked teeth stirs something in her brewing pot, while the door to the basement creaks on its hinges, welcoming, seducing…

This blog of mine is a homage to the unholy trinity of the great three: Stephen King, the lord and savior of contemporary horror; Edgar Allan Poe, the haunted poet; Lovecraft, the one who glimpsed into the world that were anyone else to glimpse in, they’d go mad.

My indulgences are few–three, to be precise– and my vices fewer. I love to read, to write, and to play videogames that instigate my reading and writing further. Bloodborne is my favorite.

I have a somewhat successful career as a ghostwriter, and any day now, I’ll publish something under my own name and become a six-figure earning writer and retire into a life of beach-side Margaritas and Elitist social gatherings where people greet each other like, “Ah Monsieur, good evening, have we met on a yacht?”

I’m kidding! My devotion to the craft of writing is solely for the sake of it, and nothing brings me greater joy than seeing characters which previously resided only in my imagination come to life on paper, or the computer monitor.

There’s this episode of Doctor Who where the Doctor takes Vincent van Gogh from his own era into our current one and shows him how much his art is being appreciated, and how people love it, describing him as possibly the best artist in the world, and his art as unique, original, and standing the test of time. Vincent starts to cry. And every time I watch that scene, so do I.

Now, I don’t have any delusions that I’ll someday end up being as great as van Gogh or Stephen King, but it’d be nice if somewhere in the future people are aware of my work and appreciate it for its literary value or its horror factor, whatever works for them.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep posting on my blog, just as I have done for the last two years.

Thank you, if you’re an old reader, or in King lingo, a Constant Reader, for sticking around for so long, and thank you if you’re a new reader who has come across my blog somehow.

If you want to talk to me, I’m always here. You can mail me at

You can find me on Facebook at if you click on this glowing hyperlink here.

If you want to hire my services as a ghostwriter, you can drop me a message on my Facebook or mail me on my gmail, and I’ll help you in any way I can, one word at a time.

Take care of yourself. And if no one has said it to you lately, then I’ll say it, “I love you.” Here, now you know that someone out of pure sincerity, someone who hasn’t ever met you cares for you. There’s always someone who wants to listen to what you say, and if you find no one in your vicinity, you can come to me. This is a safe space. You’ll find that you’ll leave bewitched. Much like rest of the Crowd.

Bewitched with wholesomeness, that is 😀


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