King go to the corner, sit there awhile

You’ve crammed in my mind enough

Enter Neil with your Fragile Things

Lovely stories short and supple

Cormac McCarthy sit shotgun, come

let’s go down that road

Eyy Ray, tellmemore about the burning man

Joe, tell me about that  burning man too

but a li’l less plagiarism, alright?

Catching up on some Lannister incest with Martin

Fucking wolf loving sister fucking hillbilly

Stoop and kiss Corleone’s hand

Come Puzio let’s shoot some tommyguns

Wattawattawatwat? These pigs don’t speak Latin, Mr. Orwell

There’s something moving out there, Sapowski. Send Geralt

Drunk talk at one o’ clock is the insane man’s sermon

He is the listener as well as the preacher

the night is his to repent and rinse and repeat

All sing the wise man’s song “Power! Power! Power!”