I gone done spoken to devils and dervishes

Heard both their sides of the same old tale

While the dervishs tells the same old same

the devil’s a cunner. He’s tells them good

Different each time, the tales, allure more

Says he’s got his pulse on the going ons

Says he sees god as god is, I don’t know

Devil’s got a 7500 dollar contract, and a

pen that draws your blood as you sign

Devil says sign it, bitch, we’ll see later

the rest as it happens; wing it — ride em

The waves know no meek, no weak, come

sing and slide, just slide and sing and sign

I don’t. It’s my dignity, after all. Dig-knee-tee

Burning Bills and Burning Washingtons

The devil takes his leave, leaves his take

Everything he leaves, touches is left —burned