Eyes the color of meadows fertile

Hair the likes of a gingery sun

Blessed with delight, nay, gifted!

and yet with sickness shun’d

To truly write his praise’d be folly

It can’t be pen’d down as such

I’d say this to Vincent van Gogh

Thank you, Vince, very much

Watched the Doctor Who episode with Vincent van Gogh in it, just now. I require comfort food and warm hugs. For those of you who want to watch, it’s the 10th episode of the 5th season.

To portray pain is easy, but to portray using pain as your paint the beauty unabashed of the world all around you is something not so easy, and before van Gogh, it hadn’t been done before in that manner. Nor will it be done like that ever again.

I just wanted to write a thank you note to him, for having done what he did, in my rudimentary/unschooled method.