Dissect from your thoughts the dogmas that you’ve affiliated with people

And see them as they are, not as they should be: humans,  and not sheep

See that they are too amalgams of emotions and experiences amany alike

Like you, snider, very much like you, judger, and different in oh so little

Girls hurt when they’re hurt, they cry; Jew, Muslim, Atheist, it matters not

Boys feel the pain of heartbreak when they’re trampled over; all of them

Tears all over the world taste the same salty, coppery — sorrow made fluid

Laughter everywhere sounds the same, is laughed the same: open mouthed

Prick someone and they’ll bleed, black skinned, white skinned, yellow skinned

Call someone a nigger, white trash, call someone raghead, zionist — it hurts

Wails of tragedy are resounded the same, sometimes syncing in their anguish

Happiness in the smile of a schoolboy, Syrian, Siberian, Cincinnatian — same

Dissect the diction, the doctrines embedded from your mind and see, for once

We’re different, but within us all, the same blood runs red, the same soul, whole