Anger, there’s no management to it
It tears bit by bit at your will and wit
It fucks up your brain and it’s nerves
Waves that are the devil’s verves!

Anger, there’s no therapy, no treatment
Only the mourning of bereavement
And the horrors of retentive sorrow
Not healed by the coming of tomorrow

Anger, the killer of men and beasts
Anger, the destroyer of saints and priests
Anger, the unwanted energy
Anger, the cataclysmic synergy

It’s killed me and many before me
we are alive but without glee
Without love, compassion, brotherhood
without the joy of life, of parenthood!

Alone we live alone we die
Alone we wilt alone we cry
Alone we suffer a miserable fate
Alone we cannot help it abate

The father of depression
the brother of oppression
the seed of dormant rebellion
the bastard of many a hellion

What to do, dear friends?
How to make meet the ends?
I choose not to drink this rum
I will reap my reward in Kingdom come

(this I wrote back in 2014)