Appellee the river ran bold
with its waters running, waters screaming
numerous stories it told
the truth beneath it shining, gleaming
‘Cross the murky forest fled
water slipping, water seething
Twas as if many angels had bled
Blood naught instead tears bleeding

Erudite the centaur stood
with his hooves thumping, hooves beating
Hand in he held a wood
its twigs twining, twigs wreathing
The Wyrd he held in sight
trees creaking, trees breathing
giants by each other’s side
Feet naught instead roots leeching

His cane he lifted onwards high
Lightning from its apex streaking
Lit was that dark black night
Vivid showers showering, beaming
the river burst a shade grey
Prophecies spiderlike outwards creeping
He prodded his staff in fray
Fish naught instead visions seeking