my arms hurt, the needle’s all bleedy … ma, I miss ya.

Empty street; empty lot; strobe-lights; aliens; gods from the netherrealms

Pain; the pain’s real ma. I wish I’d never done heroin.

cold; so cold; the icy sensation burning down my veins

butterflies with mothwings, moths with dragon scales

Beautiful devil, oh you red eyed rattlesnake, sleek haired, oil skinned

a lover’s embrace: she’s the wind, there one moment and not there the next

dog.. Dog’s sniffin at the needle. Don’t, boy, you’ll go down the rabbit hole.

Prophets in hobo jackets, bearded druids with rusty shopping carts

Magenta lamplights, and around them hovering … bats

2: 45… Fifteen minutes to the witching hour.

ungodly hour.


I pass out, parched, weak, hollow, and craving for more…. I’m sorry ma

Let me in the house. I’ll be clean, I’ll go to the rehab, ma!

Tell pa I ain’t a lost cause.

Blood tears blear my vision … naked poltergeists dancing. Tails all forked.

A half dragon, half chicken— wyvern?

My queen, the drag queen, oh that empress of the corner; short skirt, garters

A cigarette in her mouth, bent with her face in the window of a car.

The world truly comes alive for a second … everything in rhythm

And then they break: the house of cards, the domino palaces, sandcastles.

My addled heart plays hopscotch in my body, skipping, jumping, tripping…