The internet decided to curl up and die in the middle of the day today. My downloads (two PS4 games, a major system update, the whole first season of Fargo, and some schoolwork) halted in their tracks, my communication cut off from my Facebook friends, my clients, my distant aunts and relatives, and there was left no way for me to check up on the internet–to which I’m tethered to like a fly in a web, puns and intentions, har de har har har–leaving me in a state of withdrawal the likes of which I’ve only felt back when I tried quitting smoking. Tried. Failed. Tried. Succeeded. Tried. Failed. Trying….

9 hours and a bucketful of sweat, an urban dictionary full of curse words, and a bible-full of prays and chants later, the internet finally phoenix-ed out of its own shit and ashes. Worst 9 hours of my life, and yet, I’d written no less than 15,000 words (spread over different projects, some mine, some some others’) as a way to cathart myself of the depression that stemmed from the disconnection that was, it appeared then and I admit it wasn’t quite a truthful appearance, my downfall but, and I see this now in hindsight, was actually a digital detox from the internet blues (why are most major sites that I use blue? Twitter? Facebook? The WordPress navbar on the page that I’m currently on?)

Oh, well. It itched so bad I thought I was a goner.

Good thing its back now.

Now, where was I when I last left it? Oh, yeah, perusing cat memes!