Got my new books today. Paperbacks. I don’t do e-books except when reading before bedtime when the lights are closed. It’s another tale altogether how those brief fifteen minutes of bedtime reading turns into a three hour quest to find out the truth about Gwendy’s button box, or whatever I’m in the middle of reading. But mostly I read paperbacks. I like how they feel on my hands, in my hands, and the papery waft reminds me of musky libraries and schoolboy wetdreams. Nostalgic.


Brought a new mug to go with Salem’s lot. Black from the outside, red from the inside. Will make drinking blood while reading inconspicuous, har-de-har-har-har.


Even though I don’t watch television, movies, and tv shows in general, I had to go against my rule and catch the 20 minute episode of Castlevania on Netflix for the same reason I like paperbacks. Castlevania’s my childhood. From the 8 and 16-bit versions I grew up playing on emulators to the PS2’s Curse of Darkness that I grew to love more than any other game (other than Bloodborne, of course), Castlevania’s a nostalgic ride through and through and the TV show was no different. Only caught about 18 minutes of it and then went back to bed. It was good.


Been fantasizing about bloodsuckers and nightcrawlers lately, been thinking of things that reside in the dark, the haunters of it. Been thinking of Vlad, been thinking of Nosferatu, speaking of which, also read the first few chapters of NOS4R2 by Joe Hill.


Haven’t gone out in a month, out of the house, because of the goddamn infection and the upcoming examinations and the other crap that I’m dealing with. It ends today, the crap-dealing. I’ll be freer from today. Ready to get back on the writing horse full time.

Skin’s gone white from lack of sun. I look like a young cryptkeeper.

Ain’t been playing the Witcher 3, because of a lack of time that I mentioned before, but I’m hoping I come across this vile bitch in the game sometime soon. I do that and my vampire month comes at a close, comes full circle, comes full moon.



No Twilight or Vampire Diaries, though; no, thank you. That’s the kind of things you spell o-v-e-r-r-a-t-e-d. Some argue that even King is overrated. I bash their brains in.

Peace out. See you on the night of the hunt. If you’ve any good vampire literature/games/movies suggestions, send ’em my way. I’ve some bloodlust that needs quenching. This is my vampire month.