they say a man comes to know beforehand when it is his time to die

with that being said, I’ll confess this premonition, my time is nigh

goodbye family and friends, I’ve left money in the bank for you to spend

goodbye my loves and books, pray, please, that tis to heaven  I am sent

the angel’s here, cloak of white, not black, I see, his smile, not sneer, I see

ah, ah, ah, the cold hand of his, not a scythe, goes down in my body, icy

my soul he grabs, gentle yet harsh, and pulls, tug-a-tug,  and it comes free

there was some pain, it has passed,  I was a little sad but now there’s glee

We leave hand in hand, the angel, the departed, the world and I parted

 hope you remember this striving artist, I leave now, to lands uncharted