I’ll keep it simple and short because tempus fugit and all that.

In my two years of blogging on WordPress I have come across some stellar bloggers, people who have a way with words that not even some of the NY Bestsellers of today have, and no I’m not even exaggerating.

Paul F. Lenzi, Frank Solanki, Jacob Ibrag of Eyes + Words, Yassy, Greg from Queer and Loathing in America, that one girl LoverHater99, Chhaya of Poems in a coffer, and Parus, and 184 more whom I’d love to mention name by name but that tempus is fugiting really hard right now … oh, and Gary Strachan, and that kid from Boy with a Hat. And PoojaG. LittleFears. Barry Comer. Janice. Sister Madly. Morgan Billings… the list goes on. Beautiful people, all of them, beautiful writing. TheFeatheredSleep.  Kristinagallo. Unbolt Me.

*note to self: that tempus is fidget spinning right now*

I have had many people like, comment, share my posts, and that’s been sublime. Made me feel not so alone in my introvert haven.

You’ve all been wonderful people, and I love your writings, and frankly, I love the support you’ve all given me.

So, yeah, thank you.

Thank you for the supporting a fellow blogger. I admit that I can’t write as awesomely as most of you, but I still try, and hope that I’ll get there someday. See, I’ve been reading a lot lately. And I’ve decided to allot 2 hours of my day just for reading what you’re all writing–of course, other than that, I’m giving like, 9 hours to King’s books. Har-de-har-har-har.

Bless you all.