The terrace on the top of the palace, ah, it was a place unblemished

Touched only by moonlight, by purity, twas a place devoid of malice

She stood at that terrace, smiling, gleaming at her kingdom beneath

M’lady, I ask much naught, only this favor, that you please bequeath

Unto me your blessing and the caress of your lips on my forehead

So I may venture on my quest with courage in my heart, not dread

And she did, by Glory, by God, she accepted my humble request

And I went off into the night, to hunt for that mystical chest

Ah, that sought-after box of Pandora’s, containing Aztec gold and death

I had to get it for my King, and I had to, even by my dying breath

For he had promised me, were I successful, the Lady’s hand in marriage

And with that promise within me, I stepped heavily inside my carriage

I headed to the Isles of Skellige, and to the mountains of Novigrad all alone

the Lady waited for me, waited some more, waited for me to return home

But my carriage had tripped on its course, and tumbled down the road

I died on my quest, wrangled, broken, never returning to my abode

Lady Evangeline was betrothed to someone else: the Lumberhorn Prince

It was a quick decision on the King’s part, he didn’t flinch nor did he wince

All ended well for the royal family of Evangeline, and they lived happily

While I rotted, eaten away by fish, in the depths of the river Appellee

The Disappointing End