Go forth into this prison, of flesh, of carcass and bones
You shan’t ever get out, prisoner 666, you shalt rot
Bang your head to unholy beats: satanic tones
Drearily beloved, you will not be missed: you are forgot
Prisoner 666

Your skin shall crawl, and other inmates will rape you
the guards named Illiteracy and Apathy are prowling
the warden, they call him Ignorance, he will undrape you
beware the hounds dubbed Jeer and Leer; they’re growling
“Prisoner 666”

Leave me here forever and in the dark! You shall scream
but unholy inmate, you are forgetting: hell is bright and loud
hellfire reigning, tormented souls crying; your tears shall stream
as you are conjoined with them– melted, churned, ploughed
Prisoner 666

You will find yourself wondering what wrong was it that you did
You will try to become apathetic, like the other, you will fail
you will recall you had been ignorant, albeit differently; you hid,
from the preachers of God; now you regret, now in agony you wail
Prisoner 666

but can a soul lost be redeemed if it remorsed strongly? sincerely?
can the ledger of sin and sodom be wiped clean– anew? fresh?
You know it: given another chance, you’ll act wisely, you’ll see clearly
You need another chance to go back into the world; into your vessel of flesh
Prisoner 666

But the highway to hell is a single lane road, spiraling down, down, down
You’re here forever, God’s eyes have turned away from you: cry all you want
Lo, behold, the hellfire, the blazing lava rises at the end of the day: drown
You shall be born anew morrow to burn again; this is your everlasting haunt
Prisoner 666