[Trigger warning: Sexual Assault]

Hey, I’m almost embers by now
come close if you will, I’ve need
to tell you of what just transpired
I was walking, minding nothing
When this masked man came
and grabbed me to this alley
asking me how I was doing
You are no friend, I screamed
and he put a hand on my mouth
unsheathed his penis in my face
and said, “You’re to do this now”
What was I to say, he had a blade
and it was against my throat
I threshed but to no avail, I cried
with his cock in my mouth,
I was helpless; he thrust-ed
against my throat’s dead end
until he spilled his seed in me
And looked at me and laughed
you deserved this, you filth,
he said to me and dispersed
the demon Mr. Sinister vanished
to find another guilt ridden victim
his seed in me burned, setting fire
and I burned- for he was the devil
and his semen was hellfire and lava
Hey, listen, just let go of guilt and misery
and he shan’t ever find you
and keep in the light, in the crowd
for the wolf attacks lone oxens
and souls ridden with sin and guilt
Scatter me in Thames, I shall rest now