It is fallible, all love for tis but a reaction chemical

Butterfly wings rip apart if you tug just a pinch

Mutual benefit sets in stone a pact– a relationship

Statistically probable divorces and weird prenuptials

Love, even fallible, should not be this complicated

Knights of Cinder, you dine with the host of hell tonight

Your lords have abandoned you, your cause is a lost one

Die at the hand of the demon in the helm of the mountain dark

The spider god and the spider devil battle on the turtle’s back

and the children, those poor souls, make love in the sewers

It is not, if your depraved mind thinks, an orgy or an act of unholiness

tis a sweet thing, they are friends, coming together as friends

finding their way in the absence of light, with each other’s presence

I sincerely ask all of those who don’t believe in Stephen King

to go fuck themselves with the thickness of their noncreative minds