Dull… Rendered are the lives of the illiterate who deem fiction dreary.

I wonder what they indulge in, when they come home from work, sick and weary.

Where is the love for the arts in the hearts of the masses? What do they read?

It’s no wonder most of them live a life unhappy, shadowed by envy and greed

Jump, I implore you, in the visceral yet vast world of literature lofty and low

You’ll have no time left to complain, to darkle or tinct, you’ll literally bask in the glow

Of a million splendid suns, hell, make them a billion exploding ones -dancing with stars

Read, read and write, I implore you once more, break free the shackles, break free from the bars

the bars of modern servitude that beseech you and imprison you in this capitalistic hell

There’s fun to be had, lessons to be learnt, and don’t get me started on that sweet paper smell!

It’s how us the book nerds get high, and weed ain’t got shit on that dense musky odor

There’s a whole chapter in the game of thrones books, where all the words are Hodor