I’m reading 1984 by George Orwell for the first time in my life, and man oh man oh man! I imagine when OG (original gangster) George must have written it, people would’ve thought, Oh, this is mere fiction, roots of which lie in George’s mind and his mind alone. But lo, and motherfucking behold, everything in his book is eventually coming true, making it less and less fiction day by day, and more and more prophetic forewarning.

It’s less of a dystopian novel now, and more of a techno-paranoia horror story, signs of which you can see in real life. The telescreens for example; they’re everwatching, prying, snooping. Our laptops have got cameras in them, and so do some of our consoles (the Xbox has a Kinect with it, which tracks your every movement with accuracy, at the behest of in-game motion control) and all of our smartphones. We’re being watched, whether we like it or not. The Big Brother’s watching us, whether by the singular eye of our appliances or by keeping tabs on our internet search history, or by keeping checks on our thoughts that we so carelessly upload on Facebook. Everything is monotone and conformed. Everyone’s following the same trends, getting the same tech, eating the same things out of popular peer culture. It’s all pretty fucked. Words and vocabularies are shrinking day by day, and are being replaced by contemporary slang like fleek, finna, lmao, lol, rofl, ttyl, jk.. And everything’s being communicated in hyperbole. “this album made my panties drop”, someone says, to which someone else replies, “lmao. same”

I love this book!