I guess its a declaration as worn out as the fabric of time itself, like the ass of a jeans faded by being sat down upon too much.

But here it goes. This is my version of it; the declaration of a woman’s beauty. A particular woman’s beauty that is.

Her eyes, they sparkle, they darkle not nor do they tinct. They’re bright as the stars that shine unabridged in the dark of the night.

Speaking of night, speaking of the dark; her hair. You can get lost in the abyss of that absolute blackness, amidst strands that smell like lavender.

And her cheeks look like they’ve been angel-kissed and I wouldn’t want anyone else kissing them. She’s just oh so pretty too much- I’m a schoolboy all over again falling in love for the first time and its the best time! Everything makes sense, everything rhymes!

I want to kiss her lips and I want to kiss them bad. They seem to be on the brink of telling a tale, or breaking into a smile, and thus I wait and watch in awe.

She… How do I put this? She’s pretty as a picture hanging by its lonesome in the last standing art gallery in a post-apocalyptic world. And I’m the only audience. Standing there wonderstruck.

I… I am despicable in my hopeless romanticism, my rants, my poorly constructed ballads, my reprimandable odes. Oh how she’s taken my heart for her own and she doesn’t even know it yet.

I’m a sucker for beauty and readers beware, she is the epitome of everything sugar spice and nice. She’s a power puff woman. Har de har har har yourself.

She’s made me rich and she’s made me want to be richer. I want to be able to provide for her in all the ways. I love her oh so much as of right now.

And the best part. Drumroll ladies and gents. The best part is her crazy matches my crazy and she loves me more than I love her. More than I love myself!

I think I’ll come to love her flaws and learn to appreciate my own, and earn her love and the love of her peers. She makes me breathless. All the songs make sense now!

I was a lost man before this. I didn’t know who I was or where I was headed- I was in a cesspool of blackened habits, bad emotions and dark thoughts dreary.

Life’s taken a tint far more cheery. I’m rejuvenated, I’m alive! Oh I’ll not miss the time back when I was sick, back when I was weary.

We’re rebels, the both of us. And I’m gonna drop this pseudo-poetry act right about now.

TLDR: She’s fucking amazing. I’ve known her forever yet it feels like I’m just getting to know her for real.

She walks in starlight and I pen her down, marking her, etching her in these pages for eternity. I’m granting her the gift of  immortality in the only way I know it.

We’ll walk hand in hand. Something to do with a wedding band. I literally went breathless when I saw her today. She cleansed me of my remorse.

She got rid of my doubts, my fears and affectations, made me feel responsible and made me give myself credit where credit was due. She made me look at myself in light anew.

Jesus Christ I love her! She told me “you’re a fucking poet, its about goddamn time you know it!”