A lot of people are rude to me. A lot. And me being the introvert-ish pushover in real life, I let it go, thinking, its not worth it.

Lately, I’ve been feeling like Squish. You know, the intermediate state a caterpillar takes in its cocoon before turning into a butterfly. So, yeah. I’m coming out of my shell, in a way. In this brief interlude of squishiness, I’ll rant about those assholes who’ve been bad to me. Two years ago, when I made this blog, I did so with the intent of venting out about said assholes.

Here’s asshole number one.  He’s a lab attendant at my university. Yeah, I know. Not even worth the bother. But this squish ain’t got anything better to do. So I’ll hate rant about him.

His face, it literally looks like someone hate-fed him fatty food since infancy and now, in the prime of his life, he’s…. I’m sorry. I began with the intent of hate-writing to my heart’s extent. But I can’t. I don’t possess that trait. Though I did try. I can’t.  I cannot sacrilegiously desecrate the holy art of writing by demeaning other people intentionally.

I forgive him and all the assholes who’ve ever been bad to me. Life’s literally too fucking short to hold on to all the negative shit that happens to you. Let it go.  <- Cheesiest bumper sticker if there ever was one.

I guess I’ll spend my hibernatory time reading and playing video games. I bought THe Complete novels and stories of Sherlock Holmes today. Definitely a worthwhile way to spend my time rather than you know, being bitter about bad people.

Randomest confession.