It’s a relative term. Living life to the fullest, I mean. Take for instance my life; I only realized just a few seconds ago when I was in the shitter taking a giant dump with a cigarette between my teeth.

I cycle every day for at least a mile and a half. Sometimes maybe more. Sometimes even more than that. That’s checkbox number one: Healthy exercise. I know, I know, I mentioned cigarettes before, but hear me out. That’s checkbox number two: my one and only vice, my guilty pleasure.

Checkbox three: Reading frikking awesome literature by the King of horror himself. Yeah. I just got IT and The Gunslinger today and even though both of them I have read before, I intend to binge read them (there is no such thing as binge reading now, is there? Binging only refers to bad things, like drinking, watching too much TV and eating, yeah) for the next week.

Checkbox four: I got a PlayStation 4 last week, and in the words of my dear brother, “Playing this many games at such a fast rate on your PS4 one week in, it’s fucking unreal man. I mean, how the fuck are you able to afford this stuff?” He’s not wrong though. And his question is legit. I’ve bought three games in the past 4 days (The Last Of Us, Bloodborne, Hitman 2016 season) and one my girlfriend gifted me all the way from across the globe. Yeah, talk about true love. That must be it. I talk about this intimate stuff on this blog because you, my constant readers, you’ve grown intimate with me over the course of the last two years. So, you have to know of this stuff. Oh, that game she got me? Shadow of Mordor Game Of The Year Edition. Yeah son!

That brings me to checkbox number five: My love life. It’s unreal in its own sense. I do have a girlfriend and yes, she does exist and no, I did not buy that game for myself on Valentine’s Day all by my lonesome.. Yeah. So, my girlfriend. What can I say? We’re so fucking compatible it sometimes scares me. In the Tyler Durden sense. Sometimes it seems like she is not real. Like she is a figment of my wild imagination and my yearning for warmth.

That brings me to checkbox six: My education. Now back in 2012, I tried and tried and could not get into med school. Bummer. Whatever. I got back on my feet (After suffering from a brief bipolar outburst) and supplemented my mathematic exams and then enrolled in a computer science program. My GPA’s not touching the sky, but it’s alright I guess. It fulfills my love for computers and my nerd worm. Word got around about my skills and this summer someone prestigious as fuck offered me an internship.

Checkbox seven is my work life: I am a ghostwriter. That about says it. Clients pay me to write their horror stories for them. Yes, I specialize in gruesome, balls to the wall, horror with ghosts, the antichrist and zombies. Sometimes all of them at once. Yeah, it’s creative work.

And the last but not the least, my family and friends. Subhan, my best friend of right now, he keeps me good company for the duration of the college hours. After that , he drives me on his bike to my home. For that I am deeply thankful. Yeah, we have our arguments, in fact some days all we ever do in terms of communications are arguments. But I love him. My family, whom I love very much, they keep me company for the rest of the day. I’m playing The Last Of Us these days and all of my six siblings huddle behind me and watch as I slice, shoot, fuck, kill zombies. We close the lights while I play.

That’s about all. Wait. I’m not a thoroughly religious man, unlike most of my peers, but I do have a spiritual side. And I like to connect with God at least once in a day. And I do. And its unreal. Tremendous you might say.

So, yes, there are difficulties, there are time when I feel like crying and there are times when depression has me dying, but overall, through its sinusoidal journey, my life has been one hell of a ride and I am thankful to be living it to the fullest this very moment.


p.s. I love Shawarmas. And I watch movies and tv shows by the dozens every month.