Hey, Hey, you wanna hear a story?

I promise, it shan’t be too gory

Once upon a midnight dreary

A writer sat brooding, tired and weary

words were hardly coming if at all

blunders he was making, big and small

The writer struck his head out the window

and saw there standing a man named Lindo

“Hey, who’re you! Whaddaya fookin Want!”

“I’m your muse, respect me, daren’t you taunt!”

Sorry mister muse, I’m stuck in a jam

Would you come in for some pie and a slice of ham?

The muse obliged and sat with the writer

And together they both pulled an all nighter

The midnight dreary was dreary no more

The writer wrote till his fingers were sore!

Never did he again, yet see Mr. Lindo

At night the writer still seeks out his window

When words are hard to come and the night is cold

Where are you Mr. Lindo, Oh you so brazen, so bold?