At times when words are hard to come by, I worry. What if I leave this world without leaving a memento? A something beautiful that people will remember me by. Of course, its something I can’t take lightly. However, for me, things have always appealed as beautiful if they come with serendipity. So here goes, I am going to write a poem right now while listening to Simon and Garfunkel….

Cascading waterfalls, crimson sunsets and neon lights

Darkness prevailed before God said, ‘let there be light’

Misty mountains, lonely moors and green hilltops lush

The wayward wanderer forgets tiredness, falls into a hush

Oil paintings, raindrops, rock and roll, cigarettes, Stephen King

They are my kingdom come, and I love the happiness they bring

I was diagnosed schizoid, dubbed crazy, deemed bipolar, cast out

What does the cleric or the scholar know of the heart’s whereabouts?

Art, love, music, dance, rhythm, sex, color, passion and culture!

I strive for that while the scientist makes strides in science vulgar!

Human cloning! Pfft! Color changing condoms! Hogwash!

The aristocrat lives a dull life no matter how pish and posh

Raw emotions, raw beauty, fierce and uninhibited; a Viking shield maiden

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the golden feet kid! My Comp Sci teacher, Ma’am Aden!

The first kiss, that cardinal feeling of fulfillment in a loving embrace

That ballerina, tiptoeing in elegance and dancing in pristine grace

The joy as you sit behind your best friend on the back of his bike

Or the adventurous feeling when you visit Islamabad for a hike

I’d go on about searching for my something beautiful

However, someone comes knocking on my door; my muse, ever so dutiful

She says it’s time to move on and complete my work hanging by the deadline

I guess I’ll go, good day to you friend, keep an eye out for a good omen, a sign

I’ve come to realize that beauty is subjective and ever changing. What I wrote now may not be something that I’ll find beautiful in fifty years or so. But for now, this about does it. I’ll publish updated versions of this poem as time goes on.