Of the two roads you might have heard

Let me tell you of paths two more

One paved with trees and chirping birds

And the other one riddled with gore;


I’ve taken both roads and I have decided

There is no absolute sorrow nor joy on both

Nay, on both roads, both of them have resided

The twain offer solace, the twain offer growth;


The onerous path riddled with blood and agony

and the evergreen lane dense with pristine beauty

Are both one road despite their obvious antagony

One teaches you compassion, other the call of duty;


Wayward passenger, don’t be choosy, travel them each

For in the end, you will reach your abode by the beach

One thing though to you that I would like to beseech

What you learnt on the road(s), preach it, tell and teach;


That whether the journey is filled with hardship or ease

The path will unwind one day and stop; it shall cease

Whether you lived healthily or were riddled with disease

Time shall pass, time shall heal, time shall surely appease;