I think about those AA meetings and those chips they give to the people who’ve bidden their time without booze for a year. Those One year chips that look like poker chips… Makes me think of a hypothetical alcohol and gambling addict…. Poor dude.

Anyways, I for one would like to think-since I’ve never been to one of those meetings owing to the fact that we don’t have alcohol in our country- that those chips are handed to them on one year from the day they decided to walk in that meeting. Yeah. That dude’s new year starts from the day he decided to make a change and not from January 1st or December 31st.

So, take your time, assess your surroundings, don’t turn on yourself while at the same time don’t go too easy on yourself and make a genuinely appropriate resolution-one that doesn’t involve you changing drastically but gradually- and stick to it as comfortably as you can and at the same time seek to step out of your comfort zone.