Okay, I have an announcement to make. Come 2017-which’s coming soon- I will be embarking once again and this time with a lot more seriousness on my coding journey, for a nonprofit motive (both you and I know that’s not entirely true though).

Yes. So that was it, the announcement. I have been told many times by a lot of people that I am an excellent programmer. To be frank, I’m kinda not. I just spend a lot more time on StackOverflow and on Google in general whilst coding new stuff, and when I am able to connect the dots, people end up thinking I’m some sort of programming prodigy.

Perhaps I am being too humble atm. I don’t know. Time will tell. My goals for 2016 were to set out on this writing journey and see where it gets me. I’ve seen where it leads to and I’ve seen where it ends up. I don’t want to be doing this stuff for the rest of my life, I’m convinced. I’ll keep writing this blog as a hobby, and maybe keep an occasional client or two just to keep things fresh and new, but from the next year, I’m going to take a deep dive in computer programming. Once again.

That’s pretty much also my new year’s resolution. I don’t believe in bringing about radical change in oneself at the advent of a new year. Who are we kidding? Change can either be brought whenever one finds the will and motive or never.

So, yeah, coding it is. I’m thinking I’m going to start with Web Development, get a grip and grasp on full stack development, then maybe move on to WordPress Development and then later on in Android Development. I am going to set a goal this year, and that’s to make my own AI system. Artificial intelligence.