The internet is dying. Sounds like an overstatement? Hear me out.


Freelancing platforms such as Upwork or Freelancer are getting way oversaturated. The same is the case with content production sites such as WordPress or YouTube. There are a whole bunch of people out there-new people-who want to join the bandwagon with not much to give in terms of good services (freelancing) or content (content producing sites).

And with the advent of these clusters of newbies and wannabes, it’s getting more difficult by the day for veterans and actual experts to keep their mark on the ground.

Upwork started suspending existing accounts recently. And don’t even get me started on the shit you have to go through when you are thinking of creating a new account. You can’t. A message pops up saying that the skill for which you applied on this platform is already super-saturated. In other words they’re trying to tell you to go fuck yourself. Politely.

What’s more is that Fiverr, the other freelancing site, is not only jammed with a gazillion gigs and jobs but also, it’s next to impossible to maintain a decent amount of earnings per month from it.

When it comes to self-publishing your stuff, you’ll face a similar amount of challenges. Amazon’s of no help to 80% of the self-publishers and you can kiss your book becoming a bestseller goodbye if it doesn’t have good marketing, let alone good content.

Social media marketing and search engine optimization will have you competing for the revered top place in Google search but at the same time, Google will update or change it’s algorithm every few weeks or so, rendering all the previous optimization almost useless.

As someone who’s plans after graduating from college revolved around freelancing, the prospects seem grim to me at the moment. It looks to me as if the only place that I will be able to park my car will be a regular nine to five job, like most of the other people. What should one do?

I choose to remain optimistic in the face of this internet inflation. As of right now, I am afloat. I have my Upwork account working and functional and so far it has not been suspended. This brings me to the same spot where I was standing a year ago, not knowing where I will go and not knowing what to do or where to step. I’ll have to jump to the next lily pad but I kinda like this one.

You know, I’ve to get married, have kids, buy a car or two, get a home, get a regular Joe kinda life going on. And for that one needs moolah. Money. Stable, regular, good old fashioned money.

Even if I tap into the web development skills that I’ve left stagnant for more than a couple of months now, it’s going to be a hard journey ahead because it takes a hell of a lot of time to build one’s business and it takes a hell of a lot more time and effort to keep it afloat.

I choose to remain strong and optimistic in the face of this (self thought up) demise of digital earning media.