The demon dreary of midnight sings

From the sarcophagus of the night,

He comes alive from the sky’s pavement, and brings

deep within darkness, deep out of sight

Shadow, malice, fear, sadness, wrath, lust and envy

leaving in his wake much moroseness and much frenzy

Children can’t sleep, the grownups daren’t weep

An unmentionable horror seeps and creeps

in the hearts of many from the heart of the one

That demon dreary freed from the midnight dungeon

Lord has given him a free reign, and long may he reign

the devil has lived for long, time has he slain

And I sit in my raindrop wetted windowsill, looking up at the moon

Sweet silver light, ethereal miracle in the night, I behold and I swoon

and there I sleep on the windowsill with a rosary in my hand

and the prayer of the Lord on my lips, may He understand

that the demon dreary, the fickle poltergeist doesn’t scare me

as much as death for the wrong cause and a life unlived to the full does.