Sometimes, only sometimes, things work out

And sort themselves in a certain rhythm

Oh man Oh man that’s fucking beautiful when that happens

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Pristine. Pristine, my friends.

The totality of rhyme and rhythm; whole yet not whole

Look in the eyes of creation as its being created and cry out!

Hey, by the way, have you heard of that inside voice?

That voice of reason, muffled between the humdrum of your heart?

That GPS guiding you through life, one turn at a time?

Trust that voice above all others.

That voice is fucking divine….

Hare Ram,



You do get where I am getting at?

Why focus on the discords and destructive interferences?

When the mutuality and the commonness can bring us all closer?

Khusro Nizam ke bal bal jaye

Mohe suhāgan kīnhī re mose nainā milāike


Beat that T.S Eliot XD