You read that right, I did mean dankness.

Haven’t been taking meds, I stink with rankness

But let me tell you a story , and a short one it shall be

Meds make me inhibited; dull, drooling, morose they make me

I am a writer; writing is my bread, butter and cream

And when I cannot write, it’s as if I cant fulfill my dream

and when I cannot do what I was meant to do, what was my destiny

I fall into old habits, bad ones: drugs, mental torture, procrastiny

But here’s the laughable matter at hand; one week without medication

I feel less sedated, I have been writing crazily, I’ve started meditation

Things that seemed dull and dreary, now they look calm and cleary

Back when I took meds, I used to be sad, mundane, tired and weary

But now that I am not taking them anymore, I feel a man unabashed

It’s not all silver linings, some of the demons came out and lashed

Anxiety, depression, paranoia, hopelessness, panic, delusions

I became stricken with the problems of old, the ancient illusions

Here’s another thing that I will tell you constant reader

Without my medication, I become an empathy, an emotionality breeder

I become overly sensitive, overly prone to the misbehavior of society

Some things I participate in and some things I avoid because of propriety

But hey, I can take on emotional overwhelmment any day, hell, every day

But what I cannot deal with, is the state of stagnancy, the state of decay

If you’ve read all the above and are still reading this very line

please tell me, o’ dear constant reader mine

Does it make me mad, not taking my medication and my pills?

Does it make me mad, worrying unhealthily about mortgages, and bills?

My mind’s working in overdrive mode, I feel fast and I am working faster

Tell me, does that make me the controller of my mind, or is my mind my master?

Is the mind of a man like an unruly wild stallion, that one must control and tame?

Or is the mind like a rebellious criminal, whom one must torture, injure and maim?

Hey, I’ve been gone too long from this beloved blog of mine, tell me, did you miss me?

I wanna continue the things that I used to do and love- random question-will you kiss me?

Hey ho! Yo ho! A madman’s life for me. I pity the normal people who call me mad and laugh

They’ll never see me in my true colors; fuck them. I’m a magician-writing’s my robe, poetry my staff

Ah, would you look at the time, ah would you look at the fucking length of this poem?

I’ve been writing for so long, I’ve forgotten my face, I’ve forgotten my home

I do understand that you probably won’t read this poem till the very end

But if you do, well, I am very glad that my words captivated you, my friend

I’m lonely, that’s the truth, plain and simple, I yearn for emotional warmness

But peeps around me, they don’t get me, they treat me with rudeness, with alarmness

And here I am writing and writing and writing this poem without a pause

Fuck it, Black Friday’s coming, the sales are coming, Christmas’s coming, Fucking Santa Clause

If you’re one of those cynical cunt faces who think that I am writing trash

Fuck you, fuck you very very much, I hope you die in a car crash

Not really though, I’m sorry, I don’t wish ill for anyone, animal or human

Except for my head of department, who fucking looks like Paul Newman

If Paul had a beard and was ugly as fuck and had a voice that’d kill pests in a field of corn

But here’s the thing, the troll faced, ass breathed, cold hearted man filled with scorn

Is not actually my enemy, I pity the fool for being who he is. He thinks he holds the key

To everything; to my future job, to my future grade point and to my fucking degree

But he  doesn’t control me, that fucker doesn’t know a thing; I’m a self styled freelancer

I earn money from writing, I seek pleasure in gaming, I read in my spare time, I’m an excellent break dancer

People think- the evil people-that they can get away with treating people like shit

And that’s sad because for most of them, karma isn’t present to balance it

Some words that have been looming around in my mind for quite some time

Fuck. Bitch. Cunt. Taint. Rust. Smut. Ass. Whore. Trollop. Spore. Grime.

And with that I bid you adieu till the next time we’ll meet

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My love life, my personal life, my educational and my work life, is these days a wreakage.

Bye now, good day to you, or good night, wherever you are, whenever you’re reading this

Meanwhile, I’ll go back to work, also, I’ve got a torrent, I’ve downloaded it, now I’m seeding this