Preacher, O’ my dear teacher,

Ya Nizamuddin! I have fallen in love with your ways

O delegate of God, O divine dervish, my heart sways

As I watch you from afar, from behind the veils of time and space

Dear murshid, Dear Nizam!  you are my one and only source of solace

Look at me, Nizam, Look at your wayward disciple, lost in his faith

O Nizam! What do I do? Past this haze I see nothing, fear I face

The mullahs haven’t been nice to me Nizam! They’ve hoarded religion

They dictate religion, they don’t know anything about love Nijam!

Where do I go from here? Where is it that there are people like me?

Where Nijam where do I go where all are blind to my doings, all are unaffected?

Preacher, O’ Nizam my dear teacher, the clerics don’t know of my pain

How can they? they look at religion and life in general through a keyhole!

Nizam! What’s right ? What’s wrong? Is my heart telling the truth?

How do I know if I am in love? Nijam?

Nijam, you sleep in peace abroad, in a land where I cannot come and meet you

Nijam, ham to nahi asktey, ap se darkhast he ke akey mil jaein

My heart is bereft of all light, it is a dark chamber, filled with sin and cobwebbed

Nijam, life has been treating me rough, where do I find the courage to continue?

People have started taking up false hopes from me, of me, by me, with me, in me….

Nijam, hamein apne rang mein rang dein…