Come back!

You cannot just walk away

After plucking at my heart strings

What is this new dimension you’ve shown

It has shone into me a new light, a new purpose

What is this new hope I feel? This reason of existence?

Hey! Tell me. What did you do to me that I am feeling like this

I heard it before that He was closer to me, closer than my jugular vein

But up until this point in m life, I never really understood what that meant

Hey dervish, hey madman, hey cleric, come back, come tell me more

What did you mean when you said that I’m not alone in my sorrow?

Tell me what you meant when you said that He is with me?

Tell me what does it all mean? What does life mean?

What do you mean , there are no shackles?

Am I free? free to fly and soar ?

Sufi tell me more!

Come back!