I wish the Zombie Apocalypse would hit Faisalabad. I picture a zombie eating the brains of my dead Head of Department and that thought is cathartic for me. What’s more cathartic for me is picturing his dead corpse, half eaten, rotting away in his high and mighty office chair as a crow plucks his eyes out.

All the roads that’re usually jammed with traffic would be empty.

All the people I hate would be dead.

Including all the people I love.

Scratch that. I changed my mind. I don’t want there to be a zombie apocalypse right now. Maybe in ten years or twenty, but not right now. I’ve some loved ones I would love to spend some time with.

I’ll make do with my HOD, and my teachers and the traffic and everything unlikeable about society. I’ll make do with them for the sake of the ones I love. You see how powerful love is? It literally stopped my train of thought from going too far into the zombie apocalypse.


The picture is that of Faisalabad’s clock tower. My dad captured this shot.