“God, how do I calm the storm in my mind?” I asked God.

“Become one with it. You are the storm as much as you are the epicenter of it. There is no calm. Only chaos. Become one with it.”

“What then God?” I asked, kneeling beside my bed with my fingers crossed and my eyes wet with tears.

“When you give in, when you surrender to the turbulence within, everything without will be yours to command. Become one with the storm, become one with the chaos, become one with me.”

“How God how?” I asked, desperate for answers.

“Action. Take action. Your actions decide where you go, to heaven or to hell. You in your body are a mere lump of meat, neither celestial nor unholy.”

‘Will I be able to fly God? I always wanted to fly in the sky like Icarus, except with the falling to the ground and dying part.”

“Surrender yourself to mine will and the world shall rhythm at thine’s” God said.

“What is your will God?” I wiped my weepy eyes.

“Peace. Be at peace with yourself. Love. Love for the fellow man. Discipline. Discipline yourself by following my doctrine.”

“Anything else God, before I embark on this quest?”



“I am Allah, the One. Exalted in my Omnipotence. The Eternal Refuge. I neither Beget nor am I born. Nor there is to me any equivalent.” God said. “So never for a second think that someone else can help you, because I am your Helper and verily only I shall and can help you.”

“One last thing God,” I said, my heart fluttering with newfound motivation, “this talk that we had, was it real or was it all in my head?”

“I’m closer to you than you think. I’m closer to you than your jugular. This talk happened and it was as real as you or Me.”