I spin

With a red cap

On the bare ground I spin

I spin in a circle wearing white

I spin in my circle, they call  me mad

What do they know? I am mad, in my love

Madly in love with the Divine Creator of all

And in my spinning, I hope that He shall see me

Spinning in resonance with the electrons in the atom

Orbiting in a resonance with the planets around the sun

Circling in resonance with the pilgrims around the black Kaabah

Rotating in resonance with the state of my mind,  channelizing energy,

the life-stream from the ground beneath me to the sky above me

I am the medium of the energy, the Sufi spinning in my love

In my love for humanity-humanity that dubs me mad

In my love for the Beloved-without Whom I’d be sad

And in my spinning lies the answer to everything

One I am in synchronicity with the universe

One I am in surrendering to the Will

the Will of my Creator

Who is also One

As am I