Oh hello there! Nope, you haven’t caught me at a bad time. I was just flying by, from my abode to abroad and beyond. Sure, I shall get off my high broom and entertain you for a bit.

Me? Oh, I am the Crowd Bewitcher. I see from your expressions quizzical that you aren’t acquainted with my name. I see. It’s understandable. Let’s begin from the beginning, shall we. I hope you’ve the time.

You might have heard of the Witch King of Angmar from Lord of the Rings. He was a scary fellow, aye he was. He used to be a king but then Sauron tainted him with the lust for power with a ring. And then he became the leader of the Nazguls .Scary fellow, not a bit fun to hang out with. He threatened me with his Morgul blade but I made haste to run away. If only Frodo were quicker. *sighs*

You might have even heard of The Witcher, Geralt of Rivia. He is a bounty hunter of monsters and all things that creep in shadows. Awesome fellow, salt of the earth he is, I have the utmost respect for him. I hung out with him once, we had an ale or two and later we smoked Cuban Cigars. He regaled me with his tales; how he’d killed chimeras, beheaded basilisks and slayed serpentine dragons!

And then there are these three witches whom everyone has heard of. They’re also called The Weird Sisters (not to be confused with the band of the same name) or The Wayward Sisters. Shakespeare wrote a lot about them. Personally I don’t like them. They include a lot of inedible stuff-frog guts and crow beaks- in their soups and honestly, it makes me gag. And they use next to no salt.

While I may not be as dreary as the Ringwraith, or as awesome as Geralt or as conniving as the witches, but I am, and I say this with the utmost humbleness, a well versed prolific to the point of proficient, word wrangler. In words lies my power of bewitchment. It is said that words can kill. Well, Constant Reader, I don’t plan to kill anyone. Yet. Huehehe.

I am an evangelist. Stephen King, Tolkien, Computer Programming, Nerd Culture and of course Writing are the subjects of choice of my evangelical ventures. I preach-neither like the Jehova’s Witnesses nor like the Tableeghi Jamat-to people in a way that they like it. In a way that they come back to me for more. I’m an empath. I listen first and then tell my fill of tale.

And I absolutely love it! Knowledge increases the more you impart it and my friend, I am just getting started. I literally love helping people out regarding their programming problems, their writers’ blocks, and myriads of other problems. In college I dabbled in psychology, so I occasionally practice psychotherapy on my friends who seem to be in a need for it.

Why do I call myself the Crowd Bewitcher? Well, I’m an introvert and have always been one. I found somewhat later in life the power of social media and when I did, I thought to myself, “Can this media really allow me to reach the world from my laptop?” I did.  And so I began writing, constantly. I intend to one day reach such an audience that it can be deemed a Crowd. And I, their Bewitcher.

By profession and passion, I am a writer. Yes, it is my fulltime job. I give ten hours a day to it while attending college. It’s a tough life, but hey, if it were easy, everybody would be doing it. I write everything: from sales copies to erotica. But mostly I try and stay away from the erotica. Currently I am writing a novel about werewolves and billionaires and suicide bombers. That’s one novel, not three. XD I also manage to cram in an hour of programming in my hectic routine because that’s where the real magic lies: programming IS magic. With mere words of computer code, you can build websites, applications, empires and worlds!

I have a beard too, and I get a lot of remarks over it, some not so polite ones too. I would like to clarify it to you that I’ve kept my beard more in the traditions of literary greats and Gandalf than by a religious inclination. Although, the religious obligation provides me steadfastness in keeping it.

Whether you’re a Constant Reader or a Stranger, I welcome you to my blog where I write whatever comes to me intuitively. There’s no such thing as forced talent. Either you’ve got it or you don’t. And don’t by my don’t think that you haven’t got it. Some of us go a lifetime without seeking out our talents. You, yes, you, my dear reader are talented. You’re talented in your own way, in a niche that you may or may not know about.

So, I’ll part ways with you with a quote from Steve Jobs : “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”. Say whatever you will about the man but Steve Jobs had a very awesome view on life. I heard that as he died, he looked over his daughter’s shoulder and kept repeating ‘wow’. True Story.

Okay now, my time has come, I’ve to pay a visit to the Shire and see what Samwise Gamgee’s young ones are up to. Did I mention that I’ve got portals at my disposal with which I can travel to Middle Earth, Hogwarts and even Narnia? I do have some magic at my disposal. *winkety wink wink* I even went down the rabbit hole once to Wonderland. I had tea with the Hatter and he dubbed me Sir Ibsta the Brave. I dubbed him straight up bonkers. Also, there was this one time when I had a craving for Cockroach Clusters and I took a detour to Hogsmeade. Ah, it was lovely when I went there in December; Christmas was just around the corner, there were choirs singing hymns too! You have got to try the Butterbeer from The Three Broomsticks. Madam Rosmerta might have retired but her traditional, frothy and well brewed Butterbeer is as sublime as ever. I didn’t have the heart to try Firewhisky just yet. Perhaps when I’m older XD .

I bid you adieu. Good day to you! I’ll leave you with a poem I wrote just now. Bye now 🙂

*Vrooms away on his broom*

The Crowd Bewitcher goes off, off to bewitching crowds
He hides in plain sight, neither in shadow nor in shrouds
By verse, by sermon or by the rhythm and rhyme of his poem
He bewitches the crowds all over and then goes back to his home