The Arabic word for ‘heart’ is Qalb. The literal definition for the word Qalb is ‘something that oscillates, something that keeps changing, something of which there are two poles.’

We are all bi-polar, in our own ways;

With our good days and our bad days,

with our happy days and our sad days,

with our sane days and our mad days

There once was a king and a king he was wise. The king was quite the thoughtful ponderer. He asked one of his subjects, a subject whom he knew for his astuteness, to engrave a message on a ring.

“A message that will make me sad in happiness and happy in sadness,” the king demanded.

The subject, being a wizened old fellow, came home, brought a ring-a cheap one-and had the smithie engrave a message, a marking upon it.

the markings were similar to those on the One Ring


And the next day, he gifted the ring to the king

The ring was nary of gold, nor contained bling

Etched on it were markings marked in disarray

the markings said “This time too shall pass away”

The king remained content and well satisfied for the rest of his life. Whenever he was jubilant with ecstasy, he looked at his ring and saw the message and his jubilance subsided, giving way to the grave reality etched on the ring.

And whenever he was sad to the point of being suicidal, he used to look at the ring and at the message on it. His sadness would alleviate for the ring said, “this time too shall pass away.”

And the king lived soberly till the end of his days, neither too manicked by joy nor too panicked by grief.