I wrote this a long while ago. Like, years ago. It made me laugh, my shoddy attempt at rhyming did. Anyways, I felt like sharing this just for shits and giggles.

Damn I wish I was born in the age of knights, of dragons

Where kings would laugh as the jesters would fill their flagons

I wanted to roam the kingdoms and see castles being built

I wanted to hold axes and swords by their hilts

Damn it I wanted to be a knight a warrior a scurvy knave

I wanted to be the one who was dubbed “Sir Ibsta the Brave”

I wanted to ride horses and fly on the backs of winged beasts

I wanted to be invited to royal parties, to royal feasts

I wanted to be a wizard who would gulp the gizzard

Of a goliath basilisk, a lizard, in the middle of a raging blizzard

But sadly I am only born in the present day

Where the beds are of foam not made of hay

I live in a world where people boast of their bikes, their cars

I wish they would have bragged about their battle scars

I wish I would have studied potion brewing and battle skills

But I study instead the working of motors, of electric drills

I wanted to wear metallic armor and robes and gauntlets

All I ever wear now are jeans jackets and flimsy bracelets

I wished to meet the damsel in distress the princess; the wayward elf

The only distress a girl feels is not having enough clothes in her shelf

I wanted magic and might, plundering and plight

Look what I got, The IT era; Ugh, what a sight!

I am stuck with computers and consoles

Stuck with alcohol abusing teens and weed rolls

What fun is self abuse? harming your own self?

The only abuse I see fit is abusing a dead elf  (lmao what the fuck was I thinking?)

Its okay though, there are games with a lot of varieties

You can play RPGs according to your own priorities