“O’ look how far have you come”, the teacher said

“Last I saw you, you were timid; filled with dread

Scared of the daunting journey that lay ahead”

“All thanks to you my sir”, I said  as we walked

“You encouraged me while all others mocked

You comforted me when I was shocked”

“But the spark lay in you child all along”, he replied

“I saw it in you, even when in angst you cried

I gave you a path and reason, when others denied”

“And for that I owe you my life, my father, my teacher”

Said I in respect, as I beheld his majestic features

he taught me to discern, friends from treachers

“You owe me this now and heed it very well

Difficulties that you faced, and eventually did quell

I want you to teach others, preach them if you shall!

For that is the essence of the role of the teacher,

the one who enables, the constant preacher

What was done unto you, do unto other beseechers”

And so the teacher departed, his role in my life completed

And I took his mantle, for what he imparted had to be repeated

He walked through the pearly gates; and by angels he was greeted

Dedicated to Sir Shahid, my late English teacher. Sir, I promise to carry the torch onwards. I miss you. 😥