I’d define calm to be the breeze on the surface of the translucent sea

I’d define calm to be Mirkwood, the Shire or even the village of Bree

I’d define calm as if it were crystal clear lake water

I’d define calm as if it were Privet Drive from Harry Potter

I’d define calm to be Narnia or even Stephen King’s Derry

I’d define calm to be “California Gurls” by Katie Perry

Katie Perry’s not lame, I love her, she’s a strong independent woman

I do not know what rhymes with woman. Rhyming is hard. I’m Batman.

Calm is what the world seems from afar to the aliens and to the Nordic gods

Calm is how I see the rope-walker, balanced amidst the cacophony of applauds

Calm is stillness, Calm is stagnant, Calm is a poem, with morals pregnant

Calm is the kiterunner, Calm is the sky in which his kite flies

Calm is the kid in Syria who knows he’ll go to Heaven when he dies

I wouldn’t know what it is to be calm as much as I wouldn’t know how to write a poem

Although I know that home is where the heart is, and the calm is the place called home

Calm is the message in the Bible, in the Testament, in the Quran

Calm is the message written in the Psalm

Calm is the mantra the hindus hum in meditation

Calm is the Sufi spinning without cessation

Calm is the light that slivers through shadow

Calm is the grass, cool with dews in the meadow

Calm is the night in the wee hours, with stars a’ shining

Calm is this wannabe poet, struggling in his rhyming

Calm is he who writes and abides by pen and paper

Calm is the roadside junkie, high on methanol vapors

Calm is the dead body in the grave, eaten by the worms

Calm is the madman, free from societal norms