Sohni the adulteress

Sohni the uncouth cheater

Sohni, Sohni is to blame for falling

But didn’t Lucifer fall too?

Didn’t man fall from his heavenly stature?

Why? the Fuck? is Sohni being scrutinized?

Mahiwal loved her and more; he listened

Sohni’s husband was probably a douche

Love. Knows no bounds and no restrictions

Your marriages are of your own creation!

If you can’t maintain that shit,

might as well not sign that paper.

Sohni died a lover in the eyes of the seers

And as a sinful controversy

In the eyes of clerics

And of society-blind


Clerics dismiss that tale as one of promiscosity and adultery. Idiots dont know what they are on about. First off, its a folk story, folks. Don’t take it too hard, it’s not a dick.
Secondly, if it is theological parables that we are intent upon drawing, then how about this one: Mahiwal in this case is the World and Sohni is an average human being lured by temptation into love for the materialistic. Her gharha that she tries to use to cross Chenab river, is an act of interceding on God’s behalf and He doesnt want His human being deviating off into the world and its sinful temptations, so He decides to end her life.
And why are the Utter Pradeshi snobs being so characteristically snobish about this story, going on about how its only in Punjabi folklores that ‘Adultery and Cheating on one’s partner’ are explored.

No one is perfect, folks. Stop judging Sohni. If anything, give her a standing ovation for being so devout in her love for Mahiwal that she actually entertained and subsequently acted on the thought of using gharhas to cross the river….