Bees inside my head. Crawling.

The humdrum of my hand on my head

Trying to get them out.

They sting my brain.

Utter transcendence ensues

As I suddenly feel a portion

A portion of my mind

Being unlocked

And now I can telepathically

Do stuff

Incept ideas into other people’s brains

Like bees did with me.

I am the devil now.

I am the one who whispers

and makes people dance to my will

Without their knowledge

Who knew?

It was all a matter of binaural beats

and rhythm unforetold in music before

What hope is there left to lose?

If you yourself are the cause of desperation?

The naysayer, the soul-reaper, the invoker of sin

Mine heart; it does not beat any longer

It is a cold cacophonic stone of utter grotesqueness

All because of the sting of the bee

The sting said,

“To be or not to be?”

And I chose at that moment

To be

And beyond.