Hazrat Moses (peace be upon him)  , an esteemed apostle of the Lord, was once visited by an old man. The old man looked remorseful, old and somewhat defeated. Upon meeting Moses, he said ,” Moses, I am Iblees, you may also know me as The Devil or Satan or Azazel. And I come before you today because of your being Kaleem-ullah (because you can hold conversations with God) and I need you to be my messenger. I want you to tell God that I am remorseful and that I would like to ask for forgiveness for the sin that I committed. Go to Mount Sinai and tell Him that I am sorry.”

Moses was enthralled with happiness, thinking to himself, If the devil has made his mind to repent, all the bad in the world will disappear if he does so! And so Moses went to Mount Sinai, with the prospect of the Devil’s redemption in his mind.

However, when he put the matter before God, He said, ” Moses, do not be befuddled by the word of the whisperer. He says naught but lies. He does not want my pardon and neither does he want Redemption. Here’s how you can know for you own-self too. Tell him that so-and-so is the address of Adam’s grave and if he is really repentant,  then he should prostate before Adam’s grave. If he does that, I will forgive him!”

Moses was again, enthralled with excitement at the prospect of Satan’s salvation. He went back to the old man thinking, bowing before Adam’s grave won’t be that big a problem for Iblees if it gets him the Lord’s pardon, right? So sure of the notion that Iblees would agree to it, Moses put it in front of him.

Upon hearing it, Satan erupted with anger, spewing hellfire in his malignant wake. He said, “Me? Bow before Adam? I did not do so when he was alive and God expects me to do it on his grave? NEVER!”

And before parting ways, Iblees said to Moses, “Because you chose to intercede on my behalf to God, I will give you advice that if you heed, you shall be protected from me (for most of the times):

There are three instances where you must be most wary of me. Do not let your guard down during those three moments because that is when and where I will attack you the worst.”

  1. When you are angry. For it is when you are angry when I incept you with the most regrettable actions. One is not thinking clearly-nay, one is not thinking at all-when he is angry and that for me, is as best an opportunity to lead him astray as the other two.
  2. When you are in the battlefield of jihad. For it is then that I will put fear and doubt and yearning for the world in the heart of the mujahid. I will make him reminiscence of his mother, his sister, his wife and his hometown. Anything that makes him quit and forfeit.
  3. When a na-mehram man and na-mehram woman are talking alone to each other. For it is when I seduce them both with carnal desire and sin without them even knowing it. I may disguise it as love, spiritualism and various other -isms but my motive will be to get them to commit adultery and carnal sin and fall from grace in the eyes of God.