Leaps of faith are funny. Speaking in context to Assassins Creed, I think they would really qualify to be called ‘leaps of faith’ if the game engine were a little more generic and in-game characters could move those haystacks at will. Then and only then would those ridiculously long jumps be deemed as leaps of faith. Imagine Altair jumping off a tower and landing splat on the floor.

Another thing about leaps, they are easier for you, the leaper, to perform. However, if you were to invite a bunch of friends, your parents or neighbors, they wouldn’t be down with that.

Taking risks, pursuing the previously unpursued, going in the dark and shit sounds cool in your head alone. Speak it aloud to your parents, friends and family and most of them will be all against it.

‘You cannot drop out, you’ll have no college degree’

‘You want to be a writer? Are you expecting us to feed you for the rest of your life?’

‘Mass Communication? You cant communicate with us properly, what are you gonna do with that shit?’

I don’t know mom, haystacks.

But imagine if they weren’t there, the haystacks I meant, what would you then?

I’d take that leap nonetheless. Why? because its not about falling down and getting splattered on the ground, its about those milliseconds at the beginning of the leap where you jump off and go upwards for the tiniest amount of time. The ‘leap’ of it. The part before you begin falling. That is all there is to it. That moment of possibility when you are going up- and your body is pumping adrenaline.

Maybe someone will put a haystack, or a mattress for me there.