She does, she walks in moonlight
I am her slave. She owns my heart
But to her I am dead
Or worse: just a friend
I am neurotic. There’s no denying it
And I roam in her search.
Or the search of one like her.
A heart-what a fucking fallacy- breaks
A heart (be a  man, enough about the heart shit) is fragile

Let me blaze my guns in your direction.
The Lady of the lake cannot be mine
I am her slave, She owns my heart
But to her I am dead.
What do I know, maybe I was never alive
Soothing misconceptions about life
What even is it? Does YOLO really have a meaning?

Lookie here I have diverted your attention.
Almost as if I dogged you. Or gnuzzled like a dog.
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
Necrophilia, incest, rape, acid throwing-who’s to say
What is right? What is wrong?
What about a pervert’s Heaven?
What shall he get ?

I just want the lady of the lake.
Does that make me a sick person?
what if it does?
Who are you to judge me?
Fuck your morals
Fuck your standards.