Life is going to pass you by if you don’t open up your eyes. If you are one of those people who want to be woken up when its all over, the too bad; Life is happening every second and believe me it is awesome!

There is darkness of course, but does that mean that you get to give up? Dead parents ushered a certain Bruce Wayne to become Batman, poverty pushed Walt Disney to become the legend he is today, sickness did not stop Steven Hawking, getting dropped out of school wasn’t a saddening factor for Mark, Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, cancer caused Walter White to transform into Heisenberg.

If you are a Muslim and reading this, let me tell you something about the philosophy of the Soul and Self. Your soul requires nourishment as your body does. Said nourishment comes from worship and closeness to God. Chances are if you are feeling sad and are awake in the middle of the night contemplating life, your soul is starving and all you need is some supplementary supplication.

Life has a purpose and as the saying goes, “There are two important days in your life, the one on which you were born and the one when you find out why.”

Live life, embrace the hardships, learn to love, forgive and forget, become close to the Divine and give; give a lot of money to the poor, time to the elders, kindness to the strangers and sympathy to the sad.

Sharing and caring are the seeds that bear the fruit of happiness. what better time to start sowing than now?

And forgive yourself for the mistakes that you did in the past, there is nothing more that anchors you down than self pity and loathing your own self.