The splatter house devil flatters me
before he rapes me and batters me

I don’t even know what wrong I did
in the splatter house fearfully I hid

waiting for Satan to come take my soul
waiting for him to come devour me whole

his scythe, Death’s scythe, they are the same
he draws closer, she calls out my name

I am scared, I wish I hadn’t sinned
I cried in despair as the lights dimmed

Will God give me another chance?
Or will He let the devil do his dance?

I guess it was up to me to choose
I had only a single soul to lose

I lost it, its gone, the monster has taken it
I am left psychotic and with a shaken wit.

I hold my breath, I wake up from this nightmare
I find myself no longer in the torturer’s lair

There is still time to repent, so thinks every sinner
Beware! The Dark Lord is a dangerous web spinner