I wish I had their love. The intimacy was overwhelming, I felt like an intruder reading that letter again and again. A persistent intruder.
It read:

“Dear Jill,
Longest has been the time I have been away from you,
I miss the color of your eyes, your bright and warm hue
I still remember our last kiss,
it reminded me of rain, of heavenly bliss,
Your love has kept me alive in this cold
I hope we live long and together grow old.
Tumbling Jack”

It would’ve been the perfect love story had I not come to find out that Jack had died in ‘Nam during the war and Jill had Alzheimer’s and was living in a elderly home.
The letter had come to my mailbox by accident; Jill used to live in this house before me. She did not forward her mailing address to the post office. This was the only piece of mail she had received in the last 30 years and I didn’t have the courage to send it to her. All’s fair in love and war.