By important songs I think they mean the ones that I really want to listen to right now. So I shall now write about the three weird-ish songs that don’t even on any level have any shred of a common thing in between them. Yes. Oh and this tutorial said to keep writing and to not to edit out anything, to not correct my mistakes and to just write whatever comes to mind. So, let’s begin

Kinaray- The good Michael band 😀

First song I would like to tell you all about is “Kinaray” by “Mekal Hassan Band”. The singer is apparently Bengali ; she’s black-ish (yes I am racist) but I like what she does with her voice. So, this song starts off with a repetition of the word “kinaray” which means or roughly translates to “shore of a river/lake/sea/other water bodies” and wait… *opens the song in music player so that i can write more relatable*… yeah, so she is referring to a river bank. She sings with a really melodic voice asking Khizer to tie the boat to a bank because there is a turbulence in the “beher-e-ulfat”.

I keep forgetting what beher-e-ulfat, but if I translate it myself it means “waters of love”.

She says, the boatman’s only hope is you, O khizer, so please tie the boat to the river bank .I just realize that I used the word bank a little too many times, but now I realize that I don’t give a fuck.

The flutes, the bass, the piano and everything is awesome, it stimulates my brain into producing alpha waves, which according to science, soothe a person and aid in concentration. Whatever.

For me this song is important because the lyrics are describing someone requesting to a Savior to save them, to help them and I think that I am in need of help (aren’t we all in need of help every now and then?)

Her voice reminds me of a dimly lit room in a dimly lit home, not a house, a home. The music and the awesomeness that coke studio produces is one of the reasons why I listen to this song too much in particular. Why? Why? Why? Why won’t my messiah come? “ibn e Mariam hua kare koi // mere dard ki dava kare koi”

Moments-Tove Lo .. more like Love To -_-

Second song that makes me feel the feels of feels town is “moments” by Tove Lo. The video starts off with a psychiatrist telling the singer “you’re broken you never did anything right, you fucked up”…I mean come on! BITCH!!!!!

She grew up with a lot of dreams, she is a freak, she doesn’t care you are a wild one.

She confesses that she is not the prettiest you have ever seen, but she has her moments, she can get a little drunk, she can a get a little drunk and all the don’ts she does but on good days she is charming as fuck.. Her words not mine. 😀

Oh and this song, it’s not as much about the music and the song itself to me, it’s about the video. Damn! That body, she is dancing so luridly in this video, I can not tell you, you have to see it for yourself. She is dancing in a church, with a tight short dress that shows her thighs ( she is wearing those lacy, stockings that are see through and are sexy as fuck. She commits suicide in the video by taking a lot of pills. The song literally ends like “im drowning as fuck”.

I am a freak, I am a wild one and I am not the prettiest that people have seen. But yes I have my moments, I am a good person deep down, its just that I am going through a rough time. Oh and im talking about me and not the song right now.

I want to dance that way. Not that sexually though, I meant that I want to dance carefreely wherever I want. I am a bboy. Or I was a bboy, more like. A breakdancer. And damn did I have my moments.

But that does not mean that I don’t have my good days. Oh and I don’t play safe cards, I go hard whenever I go 😀 😀 😀

I am not the flawless one, and I have never been one. Quite opposite actually, I think I am more flawed than anybody else. 😥


Sayon- The good Michael band. (oops, it seems I was wrong about the mutuality)

OH and then there is this song. It provokes me into a frenzy. A happy frenzy.

Come my friends, congratulate me!

I have found my love!!!

  • The awesome bass, the drums and the flute.

From this day on, I will celebrate every day, My love has come to my door.

In his hands (not in a gay way you moron!! Its spiritual shit!!!) he has …

His face is like a shepherd. His get up too.

What did he have in his hands? Oh he had a walking stick and was wearing a kambal which is a shroud of sorts if we are being contextual.

Bulleh Shah wrote this. He writes , he did a bargain. He drank the poison sip.

He didn’t get any thing in return. He didn’t lose anything.

He had his sadness and his agonies with him. Them he still has.

Ao sayon ral, deyo ni vadhai………….


Oh who the fuck am I kidding? There can never be three songs!

This is a sound track by M83 , whose other soundtracks I love too. The name is “Gone”. Its not the music I am attracted to as much as the premise of the soundtrack. The music Is playing when Elliot finds out his father was alive the whole time (he wasn’t, Elliot was a schizo) and he is tapping the arrow key again and again and watching the pictures in a frenzic state. The door knocks behind him in a more than frenzic manner, he turns behind. The doors Is being banged not knocked. The music …. 😥 .. I feel for you Elliot. Then at the middle of the music, there is a climax building and…. Its better than sex. There is someone screaming.. morbid screams of agony in hell. I feel my skin burning in hellfire.. I feel the consequences of what I have done. I have sinned. This is all my fault!! Fuck fuck fuck !!!!

I miss innocence. I miss my unadulterated mind. This is a song that makes me want to cry. It succeeds. The Eagle has landed. Euphoria has been struck in the mines of my Mind.

Elliot, code on brother!!!!!!!!!!!

Things will have a happy ending I believe. I believe.. the violin tells me to do so. The bass rhymes with my heartbeat. I am a sad fuck. Its all about red seas and lost ghosts.. What makes an artist an artist?

This. This makes him, him.