Haha! I feel like a sedated moron. Why? Because I had an exam today, of digital logic and computer design and I fucked it up. What relaxed me was the fact that it was not only me who had a shitty paper but most of the class.

I was feeling distraught at the end of this year and I thought, “Why feel sad? A year has come to an end, you should be glad.”

I should be glad indeed. Why? Because December has ended, with all its imperfections and cold draughts it has ended. Gone is the tail of a year you have filled with mistakes and experiences, gone is the year in which you lost your laptop’s battery life. Gone is the year when my seniors of the computer science department graduated. Some of them were very good friends of mine.

But this was also the year in which I earned money. For the first time in my life I earned money by actually laboring; I taught a kid tuition for physics, chemistry and biology for 4 months. These four months were at the beginning of the year. After September I got 5 students whom I had to teach programming. In November my friend got me a freelancing job as a ghostwriter.

This was the year I grew a beard. I fell in love this year. I had my first break up this year. Meekal Hassan Band released some awesome songs this year via Coke studio.

This year I learned game development, desktop application development, web development and some other weird stuff.

This year I gained a lot of knowledge in programming languages i.e. C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python and Ruby.

I travelled to the City of the Saints this year. I travelled to Lahore on my own, alone and spent some awesome time with my friend doing shenanigans.

I watched a lot of movies this year, even watched Avengers 2 in the cinema, I watched a lot of shows too, come to think of that.

Ok, so that was that. Good bye friends, we’ll meet again next year. Hope you all had a blast. I sure had. This wasn’t an Al-Qaeda pun.